Arriving July 2021

Member Rewards
The newest way to receive the highest interest rate Maps has to offer.

In July, personal memberships will receive a Member Rewards account.

  • This new savings account is completely free and will earn the highest interest rate Maps has to offer!

July Kick-off Reward Bonus! 

  • All eligible members will receive a one time deposit into this new savings account.

  • This dollar amount will vary for each member. The more you use Maps, the more you will receive!

  • Log into Online Banking mid-July to see your Reward Bonus deposit.

How do I add to my Rewards Balance?

  • Deposits into your Member Rewards can only come from these 3 sources. You cannot make deposits directly into a Member Rewards account.


Available July 2021: Round Up
A saving feature connected to a debit card.


Available July 2021: Cashback Credit Card*
Apply for Maps’ newest credit card and earn 1% cash back on all purchases.
*All loans subject to credit approval.


Mid-July 2021: Reward Bonus
All eligible members will receive a one time deposit into the new Member Rewards account.
Additional Reward Bonuses for new products, services, and special events will be available throughout the year.

How do I use my Rewards dollars?

  • Simply transfer available funds from Member Rewards to your checking or savings account.

More details to come!

Round Up: Upon enrollment, Maps debit card purchases made with any card linked to the checking account will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference will be transferred from the checking account to the associated Member Reward Account once each day in a single transfer (“Round Up” transfer). If you do not have sufficient funds available in your checking account, or if any transaction has overdrawn your checking account, we will not round up daily purchases and we will not make the Round Up transfer for that day.​

Cashback: Cash back rewards are based on net purchases (purchases less returns and other credits) made during a billing cycle. Cash advances, including convenience checks and balance transfers, do not qualify for the cash back rewards. Cash back rewards will be automatically deposited to your Member Rewards Account by the 9th of each month. Applies to Cashback Mastercard© accounts only. Your account must remain open and in good standing in order to receive the cash back rewards.