2016-2017 Teacher Grants

"Based on voting, the following six educators each won a $1,000 Maps grants. Congratulations to them, and thanks to everyone who supports our community’s children."

The message that 31 educators broadcast came through loud clear: Help our students.

More than 5,000 of their online friends heard, as they cast ballots for educators who applied for teaching grants from the Maps Community Foundation, which as been awarding teacher grants annually since 2012.
The proposals -- ranging from building greenhouses to doing yoga – gave a glimpse into the impressive and creative ways our public school instructors teach our community’s children. Every single application was heartfelt; a testament of these educators’ dedication to their craft and their students.

After submitting their video applications, applicants activated their online networks to pull in votes from across the community, state and the country. 

Based on that voting, the following six educators each won a $1,000 Maps grants. Congratulations to them, and thanks to everyone who supports our community’s children.

Tara Heikila, Parrish Middle School
The students in the Accelerated 8 math class at Parrish Middle School will spend a day at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. There they will learn about math, science, problem-solving as a team, and more. Check out the video!

Dave Beatley, Talmadge Middle School
More than 300 students at Talmadge will learn how to create a budget and use a debit card for their engineering projects. The students who helped make the video explained how learning how to budget today will help them figure out how to pay their bills when they grow up. One student even said that budgeting was “fun.” (We couldn’t agree more). Thanks, Mr. Beatley, for helping create money-saavy students! Learn more about his project here

Matt Hurst, Whiteaker Middle School
Talk about innovation! Mr. Hurst will use the grant funds to update technology in the classroom. A new Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer will be used to help bring students’ ideas to life, and more than 500 students per year will have access to the technology that will be used during a prosthetic arm competition. See how the new technology will be applied at this school. 

Lisa Iverson, Cascade High School
Oregon is full of opportunities to go outdoors to learn about nature. Cascade will use its grant to make sure that more than 750 students get  these fresh-air learning experiences. Learn more about the program and how it is impacting students.

Jesse Leonard, Kennedy Elementary School
Principal Leonard will use the grant to support the Kennedy Academy of Leadership Club. The club serves 28 students and focuses on mentorship, collaboration, leadership skills and service to the community. We’re honored to support the development of these future leaders who are already making a positive impact on Keizer.  See how here.  

Shana Chandler, Silverton Middle School
Experiential learning is the name of the game for Silverton Middle School’s art class. Students will use iPads to learn graphic design and art styles, post artwork to art center, and access the largest online art museum. Access to the art center will give them the chance to create an online portfolio and engage with the art community. Listen to what Shana has to say about her request.


Teacher Grants are funded by the Maps Community Foundation through proceeds from the Free Community Checking donations to the foundation. 

Look for the next round of teacher grant applications/requirements to be announced – fall of 2017!

Questions? Ask Community Development Officer Mitzi Smith by phone at (503) 588-0181 ext. 3235 or by email.