2018 - 2019 Teacher Grants

"Based on voting, the following ten educators each won a $1,000 Maps grant. Congratulations to them, and thanks to everyone who supports our community’s students."

The winners, who each received $1,000, were selected based on the number of online votes they received for the video each created that answered the question “How will this grant make a difference to your students?” Voters were asked to lean toward proposals that promote financial literacy, hands-on learning, or preparing for college.

The funds were awarded as part of the foundation’s annual education grant program, which has given more than $54,000 to Marion and Polk county teachers.

  • Courtney Karns of Gervais Elementary School and first place winner, will buy new Orff instruments for kindergarten to 5th grade students. The new instruments will allow the entire class to create music at the same time.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Jennifer Wiken of Mark Twain Elementary School, will use grant funds to upgrade classroom furniture including new tables and flexible seating. | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Michael Ross of Battle Creek Elementary School, and his students will venture to OMSI to explore science, exhibits, and participate in the planetarium show.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Stephen Ackerman of West Salem High School, needed additional pro-panels to display student art work. The purchase of the pro panels will be used at the 2nd Annual West Salem Student Art Exhibition.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Alison Stolfus of Silverton High School, is committed to developing a passion for natural resources and teaching environmental stewardship to her students. The grant funds will be used to purchase equipment to restore specific sites along Silver Creek.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Aleisha Douthitt and Krysia Wakefield of Monmouth Elementary School, will use their teacher grant to purchase read aloud books for the classroom. At least 30 new hardback books and 80 soft cover books will be used by students for years to come.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Mary Hayden of Silverton Middle School, is creating a bark trail around the school campus for students and the community to run and walk on. This idea will promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Michele Finicle of Bethany Charter School, will purchase a Diversified Mobile Demo Table, a hands-on science lab. The table includes a sink so experiments can be moved around the classroom.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Emily Allen, of Butte Creek Elementary School, and her students are taking on Oregon History Day. Students will benefit from this grant by having new presentation boards to display their work at the event.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 
  • Brad Lomax of McNary High School, will launch a coffee stand program that allows students to apply business concepts and learn the process for launching a new business.  | Entry Video - Facebook Live Presentation 


The grants are funded by Maps Community Foundation accounts, which invests a penny in the community each time a member uses a Maps Community Checking debit card. Last year, debit card use brought in more than $94,000 for teacher grants, community grants, scholarships, financial education, and non-profit support.

Look for the next round of teacher grant applications/requirements to be announced – fall of 2018!

Questions? Ask Community Development Officer Mitzi Smith by phone at (503) 588-0181 ext. 3235 or by email.