Scam Alert – June 6 2017

“Did you receive what appears to be a Maps cashier’s check from someone?  Does it look like the one here?  Chances are, it’s fraudulent. 

Some scammers out there have duplicated Maps cashier’s checks and circulated them across the country, and almost all of them have the two features outlined in red.  These fake checks are being distributed for secret shopper jobs (scams) and online purchases. 

A common scenario?  You’re selling something online, and an interested buyer wants to pay you more than you asked for in exchange for a wire transfer of funds back to him or her, minus some shipping charges. 

Don’t fall for this!  If you’re not sure your check is legitimate, feel free to give us a call at 1-800.688.0181 ext. 3811.  If you choose to negotiate one of these fraudulent checks with your financial institution, it will be returned unpaid, and you could end being liable for the lost funds.”