Scam Alert - January 21, 2021

Several members have received a phone call with a Maps Credit Union caller ID, asking for personal information. If you receive this call, please do not give out any information and hang up immediately. 

Please remember that Maps never initiates calls to ask for personal or account information.

If you get a suspicious request, do not respond to that caller, message, or number. Instead, call us directly at 503-588-0181.  

Online Security

With so much information moving online these days, we all need to be aware of fraud, scams, hacking, and other threats. At Maps, we work to protect our members' privacy and make sure your personal information stays secure. 

Find information on specific topics of security in our Library of Online Security Information or the links below.

For information about online fraud, scams, and reporting identity theft, see:


NOTE: Maps will never contact you, unsolicited, to ask for your personal or account information. 

If anyone does, please hang up and report the incident to us at 503-588-0181.