How to teach your children the science of saving

Published April 2, 2018

How do you teach your children to save? By turning it into a habit.
Studies show that habits formed when you are young tend to stick. It’s why you still brush your teeth every day – we hope!
The theme for this year’s Youth Savings Month is “The Science of Saving”. It encourages kids to imagine a future where piggy banks fly and giant automatic-saving robots visit credit unions. Why not make saving money fun and imaginative to capture their attention?
Research shows that when you picture yourself achieving a goal, like buying a car or going to college, saving for it becomes easier. Help your kids visualize a goal that they can achieve!
Start small. Sign them up for a youth savings account where they save for bigger goals. Help them save for a toy they want.
April is Youth Savings Month at Maps branches:
  • Each child who opens a new Youth Savings Account will receive a mini piggy bank (limited one per membership while supplies last).
  • Each child visiting a branch during Youth Savings Month may fill out a drawing slip for a $25 Amazon gift card and a chance to win a $1,000 prize from CUNA. No deposit is required for entry into the contest.
Youth Savings Week at Maps branches:
  • Each child making a deposit during April 16th - 21st will receive a candy bar or snack (one per day during youth savings week).
  • Each child making a minimum $10 deposit will receive a Maps deposit stamp (one per day during this week only).
We are here to help your kids learn the value of financial education and to see them flourish in their future!
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