Looking out for you

Published August 1, 2016

Oregon’s Coast or Hawaii’s North Shore? A trip across town or a trek across the country?
No matter where you go, we’re looking out for you.

We offer free Identity Theft Resolution Services on your Maps Credit Union debit and credit cards 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This means we’ll provide ID theft resolution services if you believe you’ve been a victim of ID theft.

We also offer free ID theft alerts that tell you if your personal information has been compromised.
We also educate you on how to keep your card safe. 

A few tips: 

  • When entering your PIN into an ATM or merchant keypad, shield the keypad from others 
  • Make sure your card is returned to you after each purchase 
  • Take your receipts with you; never leave them at a checkout counter 
  • Put your receipts in your wallet or purse, not in your shopping bag 
  • Keep a list of card and emergency phone numbers in a secure place – not in your wallet 
  • Call us before you travel so we can put a travel alert on your cards 
  • Before you use an ATM, make sure there is nothing unusual attached to it. If there is, don’t use it; it could be a device that skims card and PIN information.

If you notice any unauthorized use of your card, call us at 503-588-0181 or 1-800-688-0181. And make sure to take the steps above to reduce the chances you’ll ever need to call!

Have questions about how to protect yourself and your information? Call us at 1-800-688-0181 or visit mapscu.com.