Published December 1, 2018

Q: I’ve made my gift list, and I’m checking it twice, but I’m getting a bit panicky just thinking about how I’m going to pay for all this stuff! What’s the best way to get me through this expensive season? 
A: Relax! You can keep your budget and your sanity, too! You can do it without having to dip into your savings or rack up a high-interest credit card bill that you’ll be paying off well into 2019. Instead, learn about your choices so you can spend responsibly and keep your holiday cheer all through the season. 
Let’s explore your options:   
1.) Christmas Club Account 
Don’t wait until Black Friday to start thinking about your holiday shopping. Pay a little bit toward this expensive season all year long by opening a Christmas Club Account.
A Christmas Club Account offers you a way to pay for your holiday shopping ahead of the season, instead of playing catch-up on your bills in the coming months. It’s the perfect way to take the stress out of the holidays! 
You’re a little too late to benefit from a Christmas Club Account this year, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next year! 
2.) Skip-a-Payment 
Here at Maps, we understand that the holidays can be super expensive for our members. That’s why we offer you our gift this time of year: the option to skip a monthly loan or credit card payment to give you that extra cash flow. It’s more breathing room in your budget, just when you need it most! 
Annually, Maps gives automatic credit card skips to accounts in good standing, so check your November statement to see if you received a skip. To request to Skip a Payment, you can go online, call us, or visit us at any branch. Skips are available on most, but not all loans, and only one skip per loan, per calendar year, is available to members and must be requested at least one week prior to the due date.
3.) No-interest credit cards 
It’s never a good idea to rack up debt. However, if you can get your hands on a credit card that offers an initial no-interest period, you can borrow the money to fund those purchases without it costing you a penny in interest. 
This no-interest option can be a perfect solution for you if you have an excellent credit score and concrete plans to pay back the bill before the zero interest period ends. 
And just in time for the holidays, Maps is featuring 0% APR* November 21 – December 31, 2018, for all purchases made with a Maps Platinum or World Mastercard. This special rate is good for purchases made during the promotional period for 11 months.
If you already have a World or Platinum card in good standing, the special holiday rate will be applied automatically to your purchases. If you don’t have a Maps credit card – you can apply at any branch or Click here for promotion details.
4.) Personal loans 
Anytime you need a little extra help with unexpected expenses; you can stop by Maps and apply for a personal loan. Our representatives are always happy to help, and you can walk out with the money you need to fund your holiday shopping shortly after starting your application.
Like all of our lending products, our personal loans have low interest rates, which makes the payback plan affordable for almost any budget. 
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