2015 Mini-grant recipients

Published February 18, 2015

Once a year, the Maps Community Foundation offers mini-grants to teachers in the Salem-Keizer, Monmouth-Independence, Silver Falls, North Santiam, and Woodburn School Districts. 

Teachers applied for funding through a competitive process, and priority was given to projects that promote financial education and college preparedness.

This year, we were proud to work with our sponsors Maps Insurance and PEMCO Insurance to present the funds to these local teachers. 

I’m excited to announce this year’s Maps Community Foundation Education Mini-grant recipients. 

Ash Creek Elementary, Monmouth

Hope Mwaniki, $250
Take home library: Funds will be used to purchase a variety of leveled reading books so that students can take a book home and read 20 minutes per day.
Jessie Padilla, $250
Wiggle seats: funds will be used to purchase wiggle seats so that students can move and wiggle, resulting in increased focus and engagement.

Central Howell School, Silverton

Karen Almquist, $250
Funds will be used to purchase percussion instruments that will benefit 160 students.

Cummings Elementary, Keizer

Karen Hammerquist, $100
RAZ-Kids-ebook reading program to access 400 books at 27 different levels.

Hammond Elementary, Salem

Laura Ziebart, $250
Reading with responsibility project: funds will be used to purchase books with strong social justice themes: diversity, compassion, responsibility, and advocating for others.

Heritage Elementary, Woodburn 

Karen Anderson, $240
Funds will be used to purchase geography books to use during classroom project time.

Keizer Elementary

Kristi Auvinen, $250
College and career readiness: Oregon State University campus tour benefiting 110 students.

Kalapuya Elementary, Salem

Megan Mucken, $250
Book Nook Improvement Project: Teacher wants to outfit her “Book Nook” with comfortable seating, display shelf, and books relevant to current units of study (impacts 32 students).

Kennedy Elementary, Keizer

Sarah Greco, $150
Student Store: Teacher gives students money for good behavior and fines money for bad behavior. Money saved up is spent is in her student store. This project helps teach financial literacy and fits into Social Studies Standards – the grant helps to purchase prizes.

Mark Twain Middle School, Silverton

Eryn Willow, $210
Wobbly Chairs for Wiggly Kids: Purchase 3 Wobble Chairs to start replacing yoga balls to keep kids more focused in school.

McNary High School, Keizer

Robin Yankus, $250
Get Ziked for Language Arts: Foldables (3D graphic organizers) for English classes. Helps enhance reading and writing literacy skills through chunking and memory mapping – impacts 500 students.

Monmouth Elementary

Martina Rincon Ochoa, $249
Funds will be used to purchase an iPad mini that will used to download Raz-kids reading program and IXL math program.

Parrish Middle School, Salem

Tara Heikila, $250
Elevate Math program: Funds will be used to send 35 students to the Aviation Museum to experience an interactive lesson in the history of flight and watch a 3D movie about space exploration.

Salem Heights Elementary

Alison Kaiser, $250
Computers, iPads, and listening stations for deaf and hard of hearing students to have full auditory access. Funding goes towards batteries for listening devices (20 packages of Cochlear Implant plus 675 batteries & 50 pckgs of Size 13 for hearing aids), 2 Phonak Y cords, and 2 circumaural headphones (impacts 40 students).

Sprague High School, Salem

Sarah Bucholz, $250
AVID University of Oregon College Visit: sophomore and Junior Class to visit U of O (impacts 65 students)

Stayton Middle School

Jason Hohnbaum, $375
Robotics Class: Pay for parts/tools throughout the building process (two kits for $370) for FTC robotic teams.

Straub Middle School, Salem

Stephanie Hodges, $250
AVID Elective Class Field Trip: Field trip for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to go to a college campus to learn about college life/classes/activities, financial aid, etc. (impacts 75 students)

Sublimity Elementary

Amber Gardner, $200
First grade non-fiction books benefiting 28 students

Waldo Middle School, Salem

Chris Buckley, $250
Funds will be used to send 57 6th graders on a field trip to a local university.

Washington Elementary, Woodburn 

San Juana Acosta, $250
Funds will be used to expand the student garden with new garden beds and soil.

Weddle Elementary, Keizer

Deborah Jones, $86
Math 24 card boxes (4): Teacher wants to buy Math 24 card boxes for the group that practice this game early Tuesday mornings. The boxes are used to practice at home so that they can participate in the tournament – this game helps teach basic math facts (effects 80 students).

Whiteaker Middle School, Keizer

Lauren Stephenson, $250
Eighth grade Avid students to visit Linfield College

Woodburn High School

Dusty Price, $250
Foundations of Personal Finance: funds will be used to purchase Dave Ramsey materials and will benefit 95 students.