Opening a new account online is easy

Published February 3, 2015

Saving for a special vacation or purchase? Open a secondary savings account — without setting foot in a branch.

Here are the steps to make it happen.

1. Log in to online banking. The online banking login box is available on every page of the Maps website, so just enter your username there and follow the steps to log in.

2. Click the link to Open an Account Online in the right hand of the main accounts page in online banking.

Open an Account Online Screenshot

3. Choose Secondary Savings under Savings Accounts. Click Continue. Select the access options you’d line on the next screen. 

4. Agree to the terms of the account. If you need to check the rates or fees, you’ll see links to that information on the page. 

5. Confirm your email address and other contact details. 

6. Choose how to make your initial deposit. You can use an account at Maps or another financial institution. Your new account may not show up right away if you transfer funds from a different institution — that process can take a few days. 

7. Give your account a descriptive nickname. Open the account details for your new secondary savings account, then check the account details box in the right sidebar. You’ll see a link to change the account nickname. (Note: You can change the nickname of any of your accounts to make it easier to track what funds are where.) 

Account Nickname Screenshot

You can also open a money market, certificate, or checking account online. Just follow the steps and make sure you have the minimum funding amount available.

Checking Account Screenshot