Maps will be closed August 21

Published July 31, 2017

Due to the estimated high traffic numbers and difficulties that may occur during the day of the eclipse, we will not be opening our branches or administrative location on August 21.

Please visit us prior to this day. Take out any cash you may need ahead of time. Also, take advantage of our mobile app and online banking.

This rare total solar eclipse will last roughly 2 minutes in limited visible locations (approx. 70-mile path including the City of Salem). Our last solar eclipse in this area was in 1979.
Because 250,000 – 500,000 visitors will come to the City of Salem and the surrounding areas, we are sharing tips to make sure you have fun but stay safe for the big event.

Eclipse Tips for Fun and Safety‚Äč:
  • Prepare Ahead:
    • Make sure your gas tanks are full
    • Grocery shop a couple of days ahead of time
    • Fill any necessary prescriptions
    • Know there will be long lines when eating out
    • Take out cash ahead of time
    • Visit us the week before
    • Use online banking and mobile apps
  • Safety Glasses: The only safe way to view the eclipsed sun is through solar filter glasses that have been certified to meet the ISO standard requirements.
  • Public Park Rules: due to the increase of foot traffic, Salem parks are enforcing rules to create a safer and more enjoyable experience. Be sure to know the specific rules for your area ahead of time.
  • Kids Safety: large crowds bring a higher risk of kids getting lost or separated from their families. This is a great time to revisit your family safety plan.
  • Prevent Crime: keep the items you carry with you and in your car at a minimum to avoid being a target for theft.
  • Pets: help your pets by preparing ahead for them as well. Be sure you stock their food to avoid last minute errands.
  • Parking: the City of Salem has limited public parking, so be sure to plan for this. Parking lots may be full.
  • Traffic: there will be a higher amount of traffic.
    • Be patient
    • Allow extra time to arrive at destinations
    • Keep your travel to a minimum
  • Rural Viewing: be respectful of farmers’ land. This is not public property. Marion County is a large agricultural area where fields cost thousands of dollars to maintain.
  • Clean Up: anywhere you go for the eclipse, be respectful and pack out anything you bring in. 
For more information on safety during this time, see this guide from the Oregon State Fire Marshal HERE.
Try and enjoy your Monday morning! It will surely be a moment to remember.