Help Maps Change a Child’s Life

Published March 2, 2015

Do you know about Credit Unions for Kids? They coordinate national fundraising drives in credit unions across the country to raise money for local children’s hospitals? Well, Maps Credit Union is participating in Change a Child’s Life, a coin drive with all proceeds benefiting Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. 

Doernbecher has helped so many people in our community and this in one way the credit union and Maps Community Foundation get involved to help them be even better. 

I think most of us know someone who has had to take their little one to the children’s hospital. Some short term, and others long term. One of my close friends has spent half of her child’s life at the hospital hoping for breakthroughs and good news. Luckily, we have Doernbecher! 

So, how can you help Change a Child’s Life and impact families? The answer is simple: you can begin by donating your change! 

Have change in your pockets or at the bottom of your purse? Stop by a branch, and donate it for the kids. 

Cashing a check and getting change back? Drop them in the coin box and help children. 

Tired of all those pennies rolling around in your car? Bring them in, and donate them to a great cause. 

We’re also pleased that some of our Buy Local partners will be helping us collect coins to support Credit Unions for Kids. Look for coin collection boxes at these locations:

  • All Maps branches
  • The Chocolate Box
  • Rolling Bagel

The deadline to donate your change is April 30. Every single penny helps! One device to help mediate pain in children suffering from chronic conditions or post-surgical rehabilitation — an electroanalgesic transcutaneous nerve stimulator — costs $700. Can you help us gather enough change to make a difference that significant? 

Together, we can change a child’s life.