Young Artists' Showcase 2018

Published March 1, 2018

Art, the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. The swoosh of a paint brush stroke creating a mountain peak, the pencil shavings falling to the ground as a sketch comes to life, the smoothing of clay with delicate fingers creating a vase from scraps. Celebrating the creativity and imagination in our young artists is such an important piece of developing a community that cares.
Salem Art Association’s annual Young Artists' Showcase, held at the Bush Barn Art Center, will be accepting artwork on March 2-4 from noon - 5pm, to be showcased from March 10 – April 21st.
If you have a child in K-12 grades that is passionate about creativity, encourage them to submit their work!
Submission Form:
Young Artists' Showcase
Drop Off Dates: March 2-4 from noon – 5pm.
Exhibition: March 10th – April 21st.
Location: 600 Mission St. SE Salem, OR 97302