Why should you vote for a Teacher Grant?

Published November 29, 2017


Three BIG reasons why you should vote:
  • Actively make a difference in our community.
  • Help local students
  • Support their creativity.  
Dave Beatley, teacher at Talmadge Middle School and 2016 Teacher Grant Winner, shared that the video application was almost solely developed by his students. They composed the idea for the video, organized it, and filmed it. Mr. Beatley only completed the final editing of the video. 
He explained that the students valued the award more because of the level of the investment they made during the application process. Their direct involvement gave a much bigger meaning to their classroom debit card system they were able to purchase with their award.
When asked about how big of an impact these grants are for teachers, Beatley explained “We always need funding in our classrooms. The sky is the limit when the funds are available”. As a community member who votes on these videos, we get to help these students and teachers reach new levels in their education.
Voting starts now and ends December 15th 2017. Vote here!
Thank you for positively impacting the students and teachers in our community!
Teacher Grants are funded by Maps Community Foundation, find more information about the free community checking program here.