College Survival 101

Published September 1, 2017


First year at college? Last year at college? It takes some skill to survive college no matter what year!
Tips to make sure you survive:
  • Don’t join every club, team event, or hobby connection. You will overload yourself. Only join a couple you truly care about.
  • Try to be healthy. Keep snacks in your dorm room that are semi healthy to bring balance to your diet but also great food for your body.
  • It takes time to connect, don’t stress if you don’t make friends in your hall immediately.
  • Always wear flip flops in the shower. Enough said.
  • Don’t be afraid to drop a class, but talk to an advisor first. Do this only if you took too many credits and it’s in the timeframe of being able to drop without it affecting your transcript, scholarships, and or cost.
  • Make a schedule: classes, study time, life, events, and grocery shopping.
  • Don’t worry, changing your major is normal. Interests will change. You will know when you have found your passion.
  • Say yes to dinner out or coffee runs. You need to take breaks from studying.
  • Don’t forget to register for classes ON TIME. Number one setback for graduating on time, missing a class because it filled too quickly.
  • Save on textbooks. Try to find them online first, if not, purchase from the bookstore.
  • Use the provided gym on campus, this is the ONLY time you will have this convenient opportunity. It’s a great way to stay healthy, relieve stress, and socialize.
  • Be financially savvy. You are on your own now! Keep track of your income and expenses, plan ahead for bigger purchases, and always look for more ways to save.
If you need help with budgeting, checking or savings accounts, please reach out to us!
You can survive the college years. Probably even thrive!