FAQs: Compromised Debit and Credit Cards
There's been a lot of talk about "compromised cards" and identity theft across the country. Keeping tabs of what transactions are occurring on your credit and debit cards is one of your first lines of defense. Here’s what you need to know:  

What is a compromised card? 
A compromised card means that information (for example card number, name, and expiration date) may have been obtained by an unauthorized source. A compromised card is a card that is at risk of being used fraudulently. Cards may be compromised due to computer theft, unauthorized network intrusion, or any type of suspicious activity.
How does Maps Credit Union react to compromise notifications? 
Maps Credit Union takes every compromise seriously and reissues new cards for affected members. Members will receive either an email or letter notification if their card data has been compromised. The notification will provide detailed information on obtaining a replacement card. 
Does this mean I have fraud on my account? 
Not necessarily. A compromised card notification does not mean any fraudulent activity occurred on your account. Take the opportunity to review your monthly statement(s). Remember to review your daily transactions using Online Banking or our Mobile App. 
What do I need to do if I discover fraud on my account? 
If your card has not been blocked already, call the credit union immediately at 503.588.0181 ext. 3811. 
How long will it take to receive my replacement card? 
If a debit or credit card is mailed, most are received within seven to 10 days of the date of order. The new PIN is delivered one to two days after that. 
However, you may come in to any branch to have a debit card instantly issued. Credit cards can only be issued by mail.  
What happens if I do not receive my card by this time? 
Please contact us at 503.588.0181 so that we may look into the order for you. 
What do I do when I receive my new Debit Card or Credit Card? 
Credit cards:

  1. Call 1.866.839.3492 to activate your new card

  2. Destroy/cut up the old compromised card. 

  3. Update any automatic payments you have setup with your new card information.

Debit cards:

  1. You can call to activate by either calling 1.800.543.5073 or use your new PIN at any ATM or merchant.

  2. Destroy/cut up the old compromised card

  3. Update any automatic payments you have setup with your new card information.

What else can I do to ensure my information is safe?  
Both of Maps’ debit and credit cards come with Identity Theft Resolution Services at no cost to our members. Mastercard offers cyber security through ID Theft Alerts that proactively detects the illegal trading and selling of personally identifiable information (PII) online. At any point in time, ID Theft Alerts is tracking thousands of websites and millions of data points, and alerting cardholders whose personal information they find has been compromised online. This information is being gathered in real-time so that Cardholders have the opportunity to react quickly and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Check out complete details at http://www.mastercard.us/idtheftalerts.

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