Member Assistance Program*

Current Maps members who have been affected by the government shutdown may request temporary assistance to help weather the furlough.

Below are the programs we have available – we look forward to helping you.

Members with Existing Maps Loans

Members with an existing Maps consumer loan may request to defer up to 2 payments or reduce 3 payments.**

  • For assistance, please contact 503.588.0181 ext. 3500 or email us here.

Looking to cover monthly expenses?

Members who are affected by the furlough and looking for assistance to pay monthly expenses can request a temporary short term loan.

  • 0% APR*** for 90 days
  • Can request up to 100% of regular monthly pay, up to $5,000
  • No loan fees
  • To request a short term loan, please contact 503.588.0181 ext. 8892 or email us here.

Certificate Early Withdrawal Fee Waived

Members with certificate accounts may request to withdraw those funds for immediate use without a penalty fee.

  • To request an early withdrawal, please contact 503.588.0181 ext. 3811 or ‚Äčcontact us here.
  • Withdrawals can be made at any branch location

Do you need more help?

Give us a call at 503.588.0181 ext. 3811 or contact us through our secure online form and we'll be happy to assist you futher.

* Eligible members must be employees of the federal government who are not receiving pay due to the government shutdown. Must be a current Maps member and account must be in good standing to qualify. 

** By deferring or reducing payments, interest will continue accruing on the unpaid balance of your loan at the interest rate designation in your agreement until you balance is paid in full, and that skipping a payment will have the result of increasing the total amount of interest paid.  

***APR: Annual Percentage Rate. 0.00% for 90 days, zero down payment. If the loan is not paid in full at 90 days, the remaining balance will convert to a signature loan with a 24 month repayment term at the then current offering rate. Loan approval is subject to Maps underwriting guidelines. The APR after the initial 90 days, is based on evaluation of applicant’s creditworthiness. Pay stub required.