“Buy Local” takes the national stage once again…

“Buy Local” takes the national stage once again…

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In 2012, our Buy Local program won a “Best Practice” award from Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Winners of that award get invited to present at a targeted national conference called The Grow Show.

So, last month, I headed down to Orlando, Florida, to give an update on our Buy Local program to an audience of more than 100 credit union executives from all over the country. The thing that really stood out about our program is that it significantly helped our local economy while growing the presence of the credit union. I was thrilled when attendees came up to me after my presentation to get more information. I’d love to see Buy Local adapted to fit the needs of other local communities.

The presentation and time at The Grow Show was fantastic, but what was even more fantastic was discovering the positive effects this program has had on our local business community.
Assembling the presentation revealed impressive gems that should be shared with each person who has ever participated in the Buy Local program — the past, present, and future success of this program truly hinges on your participation!

So, what’s so impressive about the program?
  • Buy Local started in 2011. Since then, we’ve been tracking the money spent at each community partner by Maps debit card users. We’ve seen a 131% increase of spending by our membership with our partners! That’s HUGE!
  • Since last summer, we’ve seen a 28.9% increase in traffic to the Buy Local section of our website. That means 28.9% more people are checking out the offers we’re advertising for our partners (and are hopefully taking advantage of them!).
  • Just in this past quarter, 32 of our partners saw growth in Maps members shopping at their business.
  • Buy Local is in the process of becoming more hip with the times. We are getting ready to roll out our Buy Local app, and it looks fantastic. We are so excited to be offering up this program on an easy to use, readily accessible, convenient app that will benefit both our community partners and those who shop with them.
  • We’ve joined forces with the Salem Saturday Market and Salem Area Chamber of Commerce. With the Saturday Market, on three occasions you’ll see Maps present and handing out Buy Local Bucks — vouchers for $1 off at your favorite Saturday Market vendor. With the Chamber, we’re sponsoring their brand-new Member Marketplace program that allows Chamber members to share their special offers with the community. This program will only continue to grow and strengthen the spirit of buying local.

Now, are those enough reasons for you to start participating in our Buy Local program? We sure hope so, click here to find this week’s featured partner and a listing of all of our participating partners.

Remember, Buy Local and watch how much it affects those around you!

About the author: Amanda Brenneman has been with Maps Credit Union since 2010. She is an active member of the Called to Rescue Task Force and has lectured on human trafficking to student bodies at Corban University and at the University of Portland. Amanda developed and wrote a $22.6 million dollar project focused on human trafficking prevention geared towards the Philippines and submitted it to both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Ford Foundation for funding. She has also helped gather information for authorities and look for trafficked children in downtown Portland.
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