Helpful Tax Information

When filing your taxes, use your ACCOUNT number not your MEMBER number.  

Ways to find your ACCOUNT number (detailed below):

Maps Credit Union Routing Number: 323276388

Paper Statement

  • - Account numbers located in the account summary of paper statement. 
    - Select the Account number you would like. 
    - See red circle.

  • Online Banking

    - Login to online banking 
    - Click on the account 
    - Click on the "Details" tab
    - Your Account Number and Routing Number located on this screen (see example below) 


  • Personal Check

    -Your Account Number is located on the bottom of your personal check, not a Casheir's Check which will not have your information on it. See example below.


  • If you need help, ​​call us at 503-588-0181 ext. 3811

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