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Bank on the go, wherever you go

Check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills, access online statements, and keep tabs on your budget using our free digital banking service. Here are the features you’ll find:

  1. Account history
  2. Financial management tools
  3. Bill pay
  4. Account transfers
  5. Online statements
  6. Transaction and balance alerts

Sign up for this free service by registering online.

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Digital Banking Options

Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit checks without a trip to the branch or ATM! You’ll get an email confirmation when your check has been received and then again when the check has been deposited.

Mobile Wallet and Smartwatch Payments

Your Digital Wallet makes cashless transactions simple. Add your Maps Credit or Debit Card to Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay for quick, secure payments.

Track your payments and eliminate hassle by making loan payments and paying bills through digital banking or our mobile app. You can even simplify life with recurring payments.

Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime—or link an external bank account to make transfers for payments to bills or loans.

Track your spending and set a budget so you can reach your financial goals more efficiently.

Set up balance, loan payment, and transaction alerts through digital banking. You can even set up customized reminders to go straight to your phone or email address.

Home Loan App by Maps

The Home Loan App by Maps CU is designed to streamline the homebuying process by connecting our Maps Mortgage Team with borrowers, real estate agents, and settlement agents in a single location for easy communication throughout the entire home buying and selling cycle.

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What can you do with the app?

Mortgage Calculator

Determine spending limits and run loan scenarios through a convenient and easy-to-use mortgage loan calculator.

Get Started On-The-Go

Start your mortgage process remotely or get your application completed in a safe and secure way. You can save and return whenever it’s convenient for you.

Get Notified

Receive push notifications when documents are needed during the loan process or when major milestones are reached. 

Scan With Your Phone

Scan in required documents on your phone and upload them quickly and easily to expedite your approval.

Stay Updated

Track your loan progress through the entire process from application to closing.

Instant Chat

Use the Chat Now feature to connect with your loan officer or realtor and help will be just a click away.

Hybrid e-Close

Enjoy the option to experience the new Hybrid e-close and sign most of your documents ahead of time (notarized documents excluded).

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up for digital banking?

You will need to have your Maps Credit Union member number available as well as your social security number and date of birth. These are verified against the information we have on file to ensure you are the owner of your account(s). You can also join the credit union online. 

You will also be asked to provide an email address and a mobile phone number. Your contact information is used for digital banking notifications and if you need to reset your password.

How do I check my balance?

To check your balance quickly and easily, simply log into digital banking or your mobile app to view all your accounts in one spot.

I got locked out of digital banking. Can I reset myself?

If you select “Forgot Password” during the digital banking log in process, this will unlock your account by resetting your password. If you need additional help, feel free to contact us at 503-588-0181 or 1-800-688-0181.

How do I view eStatements?

You can find your eStatements in digital banking by selecting “More” from the sandwich menu and then selecting the “Statements” option.

How do I change the name of my accounts?

You can assign a nickname to any account (e.g. “Vacation Savings: or “Bills Account”) by logging into digital banking. Select the account you wish to rename and then select the “I” icon next to “Account Information”. From there, you can edit the nickname of your account.

How do I check my balance?

To check your balance quickly and easily, simply log into digital banking or your mobile app to view all your accounts in one spot.

Where do I find my account number?

To find your account number in Digital Banking, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Digital Banking.
  • Select your desired account (such as your Free Community Checking account).
  • Click on the “I” icon next to the heading “Account Information”.
  • Within this section, you will see additional information about the account including your account number, the credit union routing number, and YTD interest/dividends earned (if applicable).
  • Please note: some account types (such as Member Rewards Savings) will not display a “Full Account Number.” This type of account does not include a direct deposit feature or the ability to make electronic transactions requiring an account number.
  • You can also find the routing number and your account number at the bottom of your checks.
I forgot my wallet. Can I view my debit card from my phone?

Yes. If you log into mobile banking and select your checking account, you’ll find a “View My Card” option in the “Additional Information menu at the bottom of the page.

How can I check my FICO score?

When logged into digital banking, you can view your FICO® score in the sandwich menu under the “More” option. You’ll also find FICO FAQs and learn about which factors are affecting your score.

How do I set up direct deposit? 

Just fill out the Maps Direct Deposit Transfer Request Form and return it to your employer or the agency responsible for your payments. You can also set up Direct Deposit in our mobile app. Just open your profile, click on the account you would like to link your payments to, and scroll down to the “Additional Information” menu. There, you will find a link to set up Direct Deposit.

Which devices is the mobile wallet option available on? 

Mobile wallet is available on most mobile smart devices including phones, tablets, and smart watches. Each mobile wallet has its own specifics, but for smartphones, you’ll find the option available on:

  • Apple Pay: iPhone 6 and above.
  • Android Pay: 4.4 version and above.
  • Samsung Pay: Galaxy S8, S7, S6, Galaxy Note5, Gear S2 (with NFC only), and Gear S3.
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