Maps Community Awards 2022

Nominate an Inspirational Community Member 

Each of us knows someone who is an inspiration. They might be helping family, neighbors, friends, or community members via volunteering or through their business or employment.

If you know of a community member who is “Making a Difference,” please nominate that remarkable individual for a Maps Community Award. Fifteen winners will be selected in July. Preference will be given to Maps members. Each winner will select a nonprofit of their choice in Marion or Polk county to receive a $1,000 donation from Maps Community Foundation. Winners will also receive a basket of locally produced items that celebrate our region and support our area businesses.

Giving back to the community is something Maps believes in and wants to celebrate. Please join us!

Nominate: June 1 - 30

Nominate an individual who has been an inspiration in our community. 


Awards: July

Maps will select and honor 15 individuals with a Maps Community Award.