Each winner selects a local nonprofit in Marion or Polk counties to receive a $1,000 grant. Winners also receive a gift of locally produced items that celebrate our region and support area businesses.  

2022 Community Award Profiles

Please see the rest of the stories below to learn about the individuals who received Maps Community Awards in 2022!

2022 Maps Community Award Winners

AnneMarie DuFault

Chad Ludwig

Deana Freres

Edie Frolichman

Hailey Hulsey

Holly Perez

Jackie Franke

Juan Navarro

Mike Kaser

Nancy Lindburg

Nancy Lodge

Nora Deglow

Stephanie Wells

Trever Pfeifer

Wade Harris


Give-back Story: “AnneMarie has been making a difference in our community for many years, serving on countless different boards and community projects. Currently, she serves as the President of Saxon Youth Football, which she built from the ground up. Through the pandemic she never gave up on these kids. She worked even harder to make sure that not only did they have an outlet to the sport that they loved, but also that they had what they needed to survive. Youth Football is only a small fraction of what she does. Her passion for our community is a true inspiration. AnneMarie is proof that one person can make a difference and makes me keep the faith that what I can do matters.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Saxon Youth Football
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I love running and supporting Saxon Youth Football. Our board has worked very hard to make football accessible and affordable for all kids that want to play in the South Salem High School feeder area. I believe that we need to create a culture of connectivity for the kids in our community. Youth sports is a great way to do that.


Give-back Story: “Chad founded Bridges Oregon in 2017 as the first and only culturally specific and responsive nonprofit organization in Oregon to provide advocacy and accompaniment services to individuals who are Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing in their heritage languages. For many years, Oregon stood as the only state of the 12 western states with no direct-support services available to these culturally and linguistically marginalized communities. Chad, a Deaf and ASL user, is a natural born leader. Not only did Chad start this organization due to his passion for removing unnecessary barriers that many DDBHH individuals experience, but he also pours his heart and soul into this organization. He does this because he loves this community and wants to see every DDBHH generation experience an improved quality of life by increasing access to services.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Bridges Oregon 
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I am fortunate to witness the first and only culturally specific and responsive nonprofit organization in Oregon to provide advocacy and accompaniment services to individuals who are Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing clients in their heritage languages. We received our very first grant in early 2021 and since July 1, 2021, we have served 347 clients through four programs, and had over 3,800 new visitors to our website.


Give-back Story: “Deana co-founded the Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund and advocates at the local, county, state, and federal level for survivors of the wildfire. Deana leads the advisory committee in supporting the canyon with direct to survivor grants and is also on the Long-Term Recovery Group advocating for the rebuild of the canyon and community resiliency. Deana also serves on the local Family Building Blocks board and on the Santiam Hospital and Clinics Foundation board. Deana inspires me daily. She cares for her family, friends, and community whole-heartedly. She amazes those around her with the constant empathy and compassion she shows for our neighbors.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? The dedication, grit, and steadfastness of the Santiam Canyon community continues to inspire and encourage so many. While the ongoing wildfire recovery effort still has a long road ahead, I am encouraged by the daily successes survivors are experiencing. I hope this gift from Maps encourages them in return.


Give-back Story: “Edie is a volunteer with South Salem High School and a retired Federal Probation Officer. Edie became involved with the Red Cart Project at United Way, and it is because of Edie and her passion to support students with period poverty that United Way supported its first Red Cart recipients. Edie has supported Women United through volunteer hours, pajama drives, socks, underwear, formula and diaper donations. Edie has a real passion for the underserved. Period poverty is just one piece. When it comes to helping she always jumps in, purchases items and gives her time. Edie is a great example of a volunteer with a huge heart that largely goes unnoticed.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Celia’s College and Career Center at South Salem High School (part of the Saxon Success Fund)
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I chose Celia’s Center for so many reasons.  I believe so strongly in Celia’s legacy, which is its purpose, preparing our students, not only to graduate from high school, but to be ready for what comes next.  I spent a career in criminal justice, retiring as a Federal Probation Officer. I have seen first-hand what happens when young people have no one to believe in them, mentor them, guide them, or push them to become their better selves.

Give-back Story: “Hailey is a fierce advocate for at-risk teens and homeless youth, leading the nonprofit HOME Youth Resource Center organization in Salem. She is on a mission to find the homeless youth in Marion County and give them a hand up. She finds them, loves them, helps them see the good and get the resources they need to thrive and feel seen, heard, and safe. She works countless hours to give these kids the best possible chance of a successful future. Youth are often talked over, but with Hailey at the forefront she pushes people to stop and listen. She created Backbone—a youth action board to give youth that are experiencing homelessness a voice and they recently secured a multi-million-dollar grant. I am inspired by knowing there are people like Hailey in this world. Her love is lifesaving and lifechanging.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Be Bold Ministries
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? Matt, Josh, and his crew continue to surprise me with everything they are willing to do; not just for our community, but for the youth I serve. They have welcomed me with only arms wide open full of love and guidance. Be Bold has taken a stereotype and turned it into a masterpiece of hope, love, and acceptance. Thank you Matt, Josh, and Be Bold for being the light holders this community needs.

Give-back Story: “My mom has been a nurse for 15+ years and consistently goes out of her way to help the community in any way she can. She has assisted with homeless shelters around Silverton/Marion County, used her spare time to help neighbors with projects and necessities, and even took in a family of four one Christmas who was in the process of finding their own place. She is constantly inspiring me to be a better person and to lead with kindness and compassion. She is compassionate, kind, caring, so smart, and is always there to lend a helping hand. I am astounded and amazed by the work she has done in our community.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Bridgeway Recovery Services
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I chose Bridgeway because not only do I truly love working for this company, but the people who come to Bridgeway for help are inherently good people who are at a time in their lives where they are struggling. It takes great bravery to ask for help and being able to provide that assistance through medically managed detox is my way of giving back to my community. 

Give-back Story: Jackie is a semi-retired consultant to nonprofit organizations whose passion has always been to help nonprofits in fulfilling their mission. Two of her recent volunteer projects to highlight are her leadership on an effort to deliver nearly 6,000 pies with appreciation notes to every Salem-Keizer School District teacher, janitor, bus driver and office staff, as well as the distribution of elementary school lost and found items to nonprofits. Jackie is creative in finding solutions and new ways to help others. Jackie also gives generously of her time by serving on boards including Chemeketa Community College Board of Education, Oregon School for the Deaf, East Salem Rotary, and Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments, as well as adopting a “Little Library” at a homeless camp that she checks weekly. Jackie always, and I mean always, thinks of others when she does anything. Whether volunteering or going about her daily activities she treats everyone with respect and sincere empathy. She inspires me, our daughters and now five grandsons to be “good” people.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Salem Leadership Foundation’s CaPES program (Community and Partners of East Salem)
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I am honored to select Salem Leadership Foundation’s CaPES program to receive Maps generous $1,000 donation. CaPES (Community and Partners of East Salem) is one of four CPT’s in Salem-Keizer. People of all ages benefit from their work with a special emphasis on children. Currently, CPTs serve more than 3,000 people each year. I love the simple concept behind CPT’s. Every sector of town has individuals and organizations who want to plan and deploy meaningful projects to address the needs of their neighborhoods. Interested citizens pool their ideas, resources, and volunteer hours to implement successful strategies.  People helping people with a common sense of geography, a simple and effective concept! The CPT’s are a driving force to bring lasting change.

Give-back Story: “Juan works at Oregon State University as an academic counselor to low-income students. From being a DACA advocate to campaigning for the Access to Roads Act, to helping with the retention and support of undocumented students through higher education, Juan is constantly working for our community. He is selfless, hard-working and dedicated to making his town a better and more equitable place. He speaks up for those who cannot and inspires me by putting others before himself and doing the long, hard, agonizing work to make his town the town he wants it to be and believes it can be.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Capaces Leadership Institute
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I support them because they do great work in the community by aiming to increase leadership among communities. Organizations like Capaces Leadership Institute are valuable to give voice to those systemically silenced. I am a product of their wonderful programming.


Give-back Story: “Mike has been volunteering at Hope Station for the past 11 years and has devoted countless hours toward this community resource for the working poor, doing everything from stocking shelves to driving vehicles for supplies and donations. Even with recent health issues, he continues to give around 30 hours per week. Mike is always there going above and beyond with his time and devotion. He exudes the spirit of volunteerism. He gives to make sure our community is fed and cared for. Mike is amazing! He is a beautiful person that thinks only of others. He does everything without the need for recognition. He gives of himself selflessly. He is a remarkable human being and a true blessing to all of us!”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Hope Station
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I chose Hope Station because I have been volunteering there for 11 years. I first got connected when Marci (the Executive Director) came to my choir practice and asked for volunteers. I volunteered on my first day to pick-up donations and have been involved ever since. It is the heart that they have for the community that keeps me coming back. They help people out when times are tough. The stock is always changing, but Hope Station always has something to help people.

Give-back Story: “Nancy is an almost legendary local individual in the Arts in Salem who at 86 continues to inspire. Her life has been one of extraordinary grace, modesty, gentleness, encouragement, and a genuine commitment of time, energy, and intellect to learning and the fostering of art. Her journey began 60 years ago as a volunteer art teacher at Baker School and to women in the state prison. An accomplished painter, she served on the Salem Art Association board and eventually as the first permanent Executive Director beginning in 1973. Nancy is actively leading the effort this summer to refurbish the mural “Theatrical Landscape” on the exterior of the Elsinore Theatre. Nancy is an extraordinarily gentle, soft-spoken individual who has contributed thousands of hours, without fanfare, to the community and to the value of Arts and learning.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Elsinore Theater: Theatrical Heartscape Mural
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I have been active in Salem's arts community for over 50 years with a special interest in art for the public, managing the Arts Commission Percent for Art in Public Places program from l978 to 1991. In 1984 Jim Mattingly painted the iconic mural Theatrical Landscape on the historic Elsinore Theatre and I became involved in the preservation of this beloved Salem landmark, working with a dedicated group raising funds to repair and restore the mural. On August 1 the project will begin.

Give-back Story: "Nancy brings her tremendous sense of humor, can-do attitude, and networking ability to her volunteer activities in the community. Nancy is a former Independence City councilor and former President of the Independence Downtown Association. Nancy has been a dedicated volunteer for Ash Creek Arts Center, Friends of the Library, Smith Fine Arts Committee, Soroptimists, and the Independence Downtown Association for years. She is a person who has great influence in our small community. She is a founding member of the Ash Creek Arts Center and is the glue that keeps the organization moving forward. Her warm hugs and ability to get things done on behalf of the children of Independence and Monmouth inspires me. She is a faithful volunteer who spends time helping others and enjoys herself and brings up the morale of others while she is doing it."
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Ash Creek Arts Center
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I have been active in Ash Creek Arts Center since it was founded in 2013 and am proud that this wonderful organization continues to succeed in promoting the arts and inspiring creativity in our local Independence and Monmouth area.  While all children benefit from art educations, Ash Creek Arts believes the benefit to our more disadvantaged children and young adults is especially great and increases their self-confidence.  Thanks to grants from foundations like Maps, we can keep our workshops for children free of charge and offer low-cost classes for adults.

Give-back Story: “Nora is a nurse, stepmom, dog mom and board member for Salem Angels. She has a passion for helping children and families and a natural knack for planning events. Her dedication to Salem Angels is changing the lives of families across the Mid-Willamette Valley. Nora is also a labor and delivery nurse at Salem Health and in 2020 was a finalist for the March of Dimes Oregon Nurse of the Year. The Salem Angels Executive Director shared this about Nora, “she lives out her passions whether in her daily work or with our organization that she volunteers all her time and talent to—Salem Angels is so blessed to have her on our team.” She is a complete inspiration, and our community is blessed to have her!”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Salem Angels
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? When I first learned the mission of Salem Angels, I knew immediately this was an organization I wanted to be a part of. As a labor and delivery nurse, and advocate for women and children, I know the importance of safe and healthy resource families and homes. When I heard the number of times children are moved while in care, my heart broke. I know that by walking alongside these families and providing them with support and resources, we can, and will, change the future for each child experiencing foster care.

Give-back Story: “Stephanie is known by quite literally everyone in Woodburn. Stephanie is actively involved in any and ALL things Woodburn and is constantly supporting those around her. She is an active real estate agent and volunteers her time and money to many events in the Woodburn area. She has done anything and everything you can name from making Woodburn a safe place for our homeless population to assisting at building workshops at our local lumber store. Stephanie is an energizer bunny that no one can ever wrap their head around. She inspires me in so many ways—from being a full-time mother, full-time business owner, and full-time neighbor in the community. If everyone had as much care and drive as Stephanie does for Woodburn, the world would be an incredible place.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: North Willamette Habitat for Humanity
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? Habitat for Humanity strives to put deserving families and individuals into homes close to their lives so that children are not moving schools, commute times to work are minimized, and they can continue to build roots. The qualifications to be selected for a Habitat home are stringent and those selected are given strenuous home ownership courses ensuring that the families will be successful on their home ownership journey. Truly a hand-up, not a handout. 


Give-back Story: “Trever is an outstanding person in this community. He is kind, caring and stands up for what is right. He leads with integrity and ingenuity. He is an amazing boss, wonderful co-worker, and he goes an extra mile for his family, workers, and friends. He gives back to six nonprofits, allows his employees to be paid to put in volunteer time and just won employer of the year (Pfeifer Roofing). He truly is a great man who wants to see everyone thrive and be the best version of themselves. Seeing Trever’s dedication to the community is contagious.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Family Building Blocks
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I am a Salem native and care tremendously about the success of our community. Family Building Blocks mission to keep children safe and families together is incredibly important and ties into the success of our community today, tomorrow, and beyond. Family Building Blocks does an amazing job working with families and children in need, providing care and a nursery committed to keeping children safe and families together.


Give-back Story: “Wade is President of Seed of Faith Ministries…serving the Salem community for 25+ years. He has created opportunities for the unhoused to be sheltered by opening multiple transitional homes and served as a foster parent for 15 years to 50 boys and adopted two of them. He partners with the City of Salem, NAACP, Hope, Marion Polk Food Share, United Way, Arches, and the list goes on. He is responsible for hiring the unemployed, loving the forgotten and strengthening the distressed. His compassion and love for people is beyond the norm and he extends a rare grace for the community at large.”
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Seed of Faith Ministries
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I have selected Seed of Faith’s CRAWL Program (Community Recovery and Wellness Living) which helps house unsheltered individuals.
Nonprofit selected to receive $1,000: Seed of Faith Ministries – CRAWL Program
Why did you pick this nonprofit organization? I have selected Seed of Faith’s CRAWL Program which helps house unsheltered individuals. The reason why I chose the CRAWL program is because of what it stands for “Community Recovery and Wellness Living.” This program is a holistic program that focuses not just on the homeless, but on the root causes such as addiction, mental health, domestic violence, aging, and various other obstacles in a person’s life and helps them walk through them. One step at a time…crawling, then walking,  and eventually standing on their own two feet.


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