Our Work and Community Impact

Current Maps Community Foundation initiatives include: College Scholarships, Community Awards, Teacher Grants, Impact Partnerships, School Donations, Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), and Community Events and Sponsorships. Check out the individual website pages for more detail on each of these programs.

2021 was a busy year for the Maps Community Foundation. Regular initiatives continued while the Foundation quickly developed an emergency response to support members impacted by the February ice storm. To learn more about all of our community give back programs, please read our 2021 Impact Report.

We are now in our second year of implementing the Foundation’s three-year strategic plan for 2021-2024. The plan reflects growth in the scope of the Foundation’s work as well as an expanded community presence. Giving continues to be focused on Marion and Polk counties where 75% of Maps members reside. We are excited about our larger vision and increased community impact.

The mission, vision, core values, and key impact areas for the Foundation are:

Mission: “To enrich the lives of members and our community by investing in education, economic empowerment, and community vibrancy”

Vision: “Our vision is a thriving community where all people can access educational opportunities, attain financial stability, and live a healthy, vibrant life”

Core Values: Community, Impact, Equity, Integrity, Leadership

Impact Areas: 

  • Education – Shaping a Healthy, Thriving Future

  • Economic Empowerment – Increasing Financial Health and Expanding Access to Services

  • Vibrant Communities – Creating a Healthy, Thriving Mid-Willamette Valley Region

Maps Community Foundation 2021-24 Strategic Plan

The video below shares the impact of our Maps Covid-19 Community Recovery Fund.

DONATIONS WELCOME: Funding for Maps Community Foundation is provided by Maps members (via Free Community Checking), with additional support from Maps Credit Union. Donations are always welcome from Maps members, staff and the community who would like to support our give-back efforts. 100% of funds donated will go to support nonprofit organizations and schools in Marion and Polk counties where Maps has branches and delivers financial services. 

Donations are tax-deductible given the 501c3 status of the Maps Community Foundation. At this time, you can donate via on-line banking, through the SquareUp link below, or by mailing a check. Please see details below. We appreciate your support!

Support the Maps Community Foundation:

  1. Donate at https://squareup.com/store/maps-community-foundation

  2. Free Community Checking account holders - use your Maps debit card! Every time you do a debit card transaction, Maps donates a penny back into the community via Maps Community Foundation programs. Want to open a Free Community Checking account? Open an account online or give us a call at 503-588-0181 ext. 3811 and we’ll be happy to set you up.

  3. Send a check to MCF c/o Maps Credit Union, P.O. Box 12398, Salem, OR 97309