Maps Helps You Save with Free Checking and Round Up

Published September 29, 2022

Maps Free Checking

A checking account is potentially the most used banking product, but choosing the wrong checking account could end up costing you big money in fees.

One reason for this is that big banks tend to increase the fees they charge their customers, making it harder for people to find a low-cost checking solution that helps them improve their financial well-being.

At Maps, we offer a free checking account option along with member rewards programs so you can pay yourself first. 

Free Community Checking
A free checking account is a safe and convenient place to store your money for everyday financial transactions, allowing you to withdraw funds to make purchases or to get cash from ATMs whenever you’d like.

The Maps Free Community Checking account offers no monthly charges, no minimum balances, and no limits on how many checks you can write. You’ll also receive:

  • Free debit card

  • Free bill pay

  • Free eStatements

  • Free mobile app to manage your funds

  • Round Up feature 

Plus, every time a member uses their Free Community Checking debit card, we donate a penny to community causes. And we’re not talking about chump change. Last year alone, our account holders raised more than $130,000. So far this year, we’re on track to raise more than $125,000.

We bet you didn’t know that your cup of coffee could help change the world!

Maps Round Up

Round Up
At Maps, every penny makes an impact. We believe in paying yourself first, so we help you build your savings — while you spend — with Maps Round Up.

Let’s start by explaining our Member Rewards account. When you’re a member with us you can enroll in Member Rewards, a completely free, high interest savings account for personal memberships. This account earns the highest interest rate Maps has to offer.

Here’s the (not really a) catch: since this account is high interest, deposits into Member Rewards can only come from three sources: Round Up, Cashback Credit Card and Reward Bonuses. You cannot make deposits directly into a Member Rewards account.

This brings us back to Round Up. Once you enroll in Round Up, every time you make a purchase with your Maps debit card your transaction will round up to the nearest dollar. That difference is then automatically transferred from your checking account to your Member Rewards account, earning that very high interest rate.

Believe us, those pennies add up! On average, Maps members save an extra $100 per year using our Round Up program, while members with high card utilization save closer to $250 per year.

You can use your balance from Round Up at any time by simply transferring an amount from your Member Rewards account to your checking or savings account. However, you’ll only earn the highest interest rate we offer when you keep the funds in your Member Rewards account.

Maps Credit Union

At Maps, we believe checking should be free. If you’re paying fees for your checking account now, it’s time to visit Maps and find out how our Free Community Checking and Round Up programs can help save you money — and build your savings, too!

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