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10 things to do in the PNW in the Spring

April 10 by Nicholle Brainard

10 things to do in the PNW in the Spring. Everything from flowers to fun runs, we have it all here in the PNW! 

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How to teach your children the science of saving

April 2 by Nicholle Brainard

The theme for this year’s Youth Savings Month is “The Science of Saving”. It encourages kids to imagine a future where piggy banks fly and giant automatic-saving robots visit credit unions. Why not make saving money fun and imaginative to capture their attention?

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Helpful Home Buying Tips

March 20 by Nicholle Brainard

What can you do to prepare for home buying?

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15th Annual Community Shred Day

March 9 by Nicholle Brainard

What is Shred Day?
An opportunity for Maps members and the community to securely shred up to 2 medium sized boxes of personal documents.

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Young Artists' Showcase 2018

March 1 by Nicholle Brainard

Celebrating the creativity and imagination in our young artists is such an important piece of developing a community that cares.

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It's important to update your information.

February 20 by Nicholle Brainard

Do we have your current contact information?

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Maps Awards $1,000 Teacher Grants to 10 Winners

February 12 by

Maps Credit Union’s Community Foundation has given away $10,000 in grants this year to help 10 public school teachers bring their ideas and innovations to life.

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Maps Photo Calendar Contest

February 1 by Nicholle Brainard

Are you a photographer by trade or by hobby?  We have a fun photo calendar contest this year.

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Which type of IRA Plan is right for me?

January 19 by Investment Team

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are a key element in many financial plans. 

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Tax Time

January 4 by Nicholle Brainard

January means a new year but it also means tax return season is fast approaching. Tax season can highlight some critical security obstacles. Here are some helpful tips on making sure your information stays save during tax season and your return arrives safely to your account.

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