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Should I Buy a House Now?

August 17 by Maps Credit Union

Q: I’ve been saving up for a down payment with plans to buy a house and feel ready. But, with the real estate market hotter than ever right now, I’m wondering if I should go ahead with my purchase or push it off until the market settles down. Should I buy a house now?

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Beware Back to School Scams

August 2 by Maps Credit Union

Whether you’re a college student prepping for the fall semester, a high school student getting ready for a new school year or the parent of a student of any age, beware these trending back-to-school scams!

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Six Reasons to Switch to eStatements

July 7 by Maps Credit Union

Quick, convenient and clutter-free, eStatements are the way to secure your account info.

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Micro-Deposit Scams

June 4 by Maps Credit Union

Scammers are always upping their game, and they’ve recently pulled out an old trick: the micro-deposit scam.

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Beware the USPS Smishing Text Scam

May 3 by Maps Credit Union

Your phone pings with an incoming text. You swipe it open to find a message from the USPS. They’re texting to let you know that the scheduled delivery time for your package has been changed. Unfortunately, though, the message is not from the USPS and you’ve just been targeted by a scam.

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Beware of Stimulus and Tax Scams

April 7 by Maps Credit Union

It’s stimulus season and tax season at once, and scammers couldn’t be happier. They know that taxpayers are eager to get their hands on their stimulus payments and tax refunds. As consumers are working to file their taxes before the May 17 deadline, all that paperwork and payments mean people may be letting their guard down. For a scammer, nothing could be better!

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If You Hear This, You’re Talking to a Tax Scammer

March 15 by Maps Credit Union

It’s tax season, and the scammers are at it again! Beat them at their game by knowing what to look out for.
If you hear or see any of the following lines this tax season, you’re dealing with a scammer:

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Maps Helps Members Restock Groceries After Ice Storm

March 1 by Kim Hanson

Maps Community Foundation Gives $40,000 to help over 800 members 

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Beware Romance Scams

February 1 by Maps Credit Union

With COVID-19 forcing more singles to meet and date online, America’s most expensive scam is on the rise. Romance scams are all over the internet and can be difficult to spot. While the data for 2020 is not yet available, according to the FTC, Americans lost a collective $201 million to romance scams in 2019. 

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Will I Be Getting a Second Stimulus Check?

January 4 by Maps Credit Union

After eight months of negotiations, the Senate has finally passed a bipartisan deal on a new coronavirus stimulus plan.

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