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When Does it Make Sense to Pay a Bill with a Credit Card?

November 2 by Maps Credit Union

Credit cards and debit cards both offer incredible convenience. With just a quick swipe or a linked account, a payment can be instantly processed. It seems like a no-brainer to use that convenience for taking the hassle out of paying bills. But, is it a smart idea to pay monthly bills with a credit card or debit card?

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Beware the Pending Package Scam

October 1 by Maps Credit Union

Everyone loves a surprise package, and scammers are taking the excitement out of that experience by using bogus packages as a cover for a nefarious scam that tricks victims into sharing personal information.

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2020 Maps Community Awards

September 1 by Kim Hanson

Nominate an Inspirational Maps Member from September 1 - 15, 2020

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Watch Out for These New COVID Scams

July 22 by Maps Credit Union

With states making moves toward reopening after coronavirus lockdowns, as usual, scammers aren’t far behind.

Watch out for these trending scams.

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Snowball Method vs. Avalanche Method: What’s the Best Way to Tackle Debt?

July 2 by Maps Credit Union

Getting rid of debt isn’t easy, but if you’re ready to do what it takes, you can shake off any amount of debt.

Let’s take a look at two popular approaches for paying down debt and explore the pros and cons of each.

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Student Loan Changes During COVID-19

June 16 by Maps Credit Union

With unemployment levels rising and many employers cutting work hours, lots of college grads are now struggling to meet their student loan payments. Thankfully, the federal government has passed legislation to ease this burden. Unfortunately, though, many borrowers are confused about the terms and conditions of these changes.

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Beware Unemployment Scams

May 22 by Maps Credit Union

Tens of millions of Americans have found themselves out of work as the economy reels from the impact of COVID-19. A record 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance in the four weeks leading up to April 11. Unfortunately, when there’s bad news, the scammers aren’t far behind.

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Don’t Let Scammers Get Your Stimulus Check!

April 21 by Maps Credit Union

Unfortunately, scammers are doing all they can to get their hands on these checks before they reach the rightful recipients. The best way to keep your money safe from scammers is to arm yourself with information about the checks and to learn how to spot the scams.

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COVID-19 Texting Scam

April 20 by Maps Credit Union

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging on American shores for several months, but scammers are still finding new ways to exploit the panic, fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus to con people out of their money. The latest in a string of coronavirus scams involves a simple text message with criminal intent.

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COVID-19 Scams

April 15 by Maps Credit Union

There is a significant increase in fraudulent activity occurring nationally due to the distribution of stimulus checks. Please remember that Maps never asks for your PIN, personal, or account information. If you get a suspicious request, do not respond to that caller, message, or number. Instead, call us directly at 503-588-0181.

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