Change in Terms

Savings Account Excess Transaction Fee

Effective November 1, 2019, all savings accounts will be limited to no more than six transfers or withdrawals per calendar month. Each savings account will be subject to a $25 Excess Transaction Fee if the account has more than 6 point of sale transactions, pre-authorized, automatic, or telephone transfers per calendar month.

Q) Is the Excess Transaction Fee new to Maps?

A) No, the Excess Transaction Fee has always been assessed on Market Investor Savings Accounts. The Fee will now be assessed on all savings account products (Share Savings, Youth Savings Club, Christmas Club, and Market Investor).

Q) Why is the Excess Transaction Fee being expanded to all savings account products?

A) We want to ensure the highest level of compliance with regulatory requirements, and transaction activity on savings accounts should be limited.

Q) If a member completes a transaction at a branch, will this count towards their 6 transactions in a given month?

A) No, a member may withdraw cash from the ATM or at the teller window as much as they like; these transactions have no restrictions.

Q) My Maps loan payment is automatically paid from my savings account each month; is this transfer subject to the six-transaction limit?

A) No, a transfer to pay loans at the same depository institution does not count towards the six-transaction limit. 

Q) What can I do to make sure I am not subject to this excess transaction fee?

A) Please visit any Maps Branch or call us at 503.588.0181 ext. 3811. We can help make sure you are in the proper checking/savings account that fits your lifestyle. We offer a Free Community Checking account that has no limit on the number of transactions in a given month.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these changes at 503.588.0181 ext. 3811.